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The Soma Initiative is considered to be a highly credible leader in South Africa’s absentee management, disability assessment and incapacity management sectors. Below you’ll find samples of Soma’s media coverage, as well as articles containing others’ insights into current developments and trends in our industry – locally and globally.

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The workforce is everything

published by Soma Initiative (Pty) Ltd

Optimal business performance demands input cost minimization and output benefit maximization. Human capital is an essential input cost that presents unavoidable but manageable threats to company productivity and concomitant financial performance.

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2011-11-15 12:49:56 PM The workforce is everything

70,000 government employees absent on last day of work

published by The Saudi 14 September 2011

Labor Office: Negligent officials will be held accountable

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Work absenteeism 'a serious issue'

published by Irish Health 25 August 2011, By Deborah Condon

Irish employees are absent from work for almost six days per year as a result of illness, costing businesses around 1.5 billion, a new report has shown.

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R34.4 million for Eastern Cape teachers on sick leave

published by The Times 25 August 2011, Anna Majavu

One Eastern Cape teacher has been on sick leave for five years, at a cost of R2-million to the state.

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Sick leave costing economy

published by The Copenhagen Post 19 August 2011

Workers call in sick too often, say experts particularly on Mondays and in the public sector

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4/30/2015 1:59:25 PM
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