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Disability consulting

“At Soma, we believe that pro-active workforce management is an essential and unavoidable business strategy.” – The Soma Initiative

New challenges for employers

As employers, private and industry pension funds, the state, and insurers of disability benefits face new challenges in managing disability benefits and controlling the cost of ill health retirement, absenteeism and claims escalation, independent evaluation becomes more critical. But the ability to assess an employee’s impairment and to determine its impact on the ability to perform a job, requires specific skill, expertise and experience.

Disability and ill health retirement consulting

For this reason, the Soma Initiative specialises in disability and ill health retirement consulting in the form of disability management, disability assessment, disability claims administration, incapacity leave assessment and management, intervention management, functional capacity evaluations, work site analysis and job evaluation, and medico-legal occupational therapist evaluations – all relating to early ill-health retirement, permanent health insurance (PHI) and permanent disability claims, in respect of insured or self-insured pension and provident funds across South Africa.

Equitable and free of vested interest

The Soma Initiative (Pty) Ltd considers transparent, independent and unbiased vocational incapacity, ill-health assessment and disability consulting to be fundamental tenets of the South African Constitution, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act. In addition, we believe that it is imperative for individuals to see the entire process of vocational incapacity management and disability assessment as both equitable and free of vested interest.

South Africa’s Employment Equity Act

The Employment Equity Act requires trustees and employers to consider the rights of disabled employees, while making every attempt to re-deploy these individuals within their organisations. And it is for this reason that the Soma Initiative exists: to provide disability consulting and incapacity evaluations, regardless of whether the employee’s disability is temporary or permanent.

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