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On-Line Web-based Training

Soma considers diverse training of all employees, from grass-root workers, to Line Managers, Supervisors, HR Practitioners, Labour Relations Advisors, Middle Management and Executive Management as fundamental in any successful business, be it within a Private Sector Entity or in the Public Service. Enhancing workforce skills is always beneficial. In this context Soma is of the view that conventional training, while being effective and familiar, should be enhanced by migration where possible, to e-learning through On-Line training. It is easier, faster and largely seamless. To add, e-learning attracts lowered costs with more convenient and wider access.

To this end Soma develops existing or new training modules into an e-learning format branded to fit the corporate image, culture and vision. Corporate training suites can cover any aspect to be trained, in any sphere of Human Capital management, including on-line training in organizational policy and procedures, soft skills, disability and incapacity management, corporate health and wellness, HIV and Aids, legislation in the workplace, sick leave management, product knowledge, compliance adherence, continued Professional Development and so forth. To achieve this we deliver the highest level of on-line training solutions, support and services to meet both individual and corporate needs. We provide quality, consistency, convenience and time saving.

On-Line courses can incorporate a variety of media, including video clips and other visual aids, while the learner management system includes a reporting component which enables monitoring of your employees’ progress and retention of course content. The format of employee on-line assessment can include multiple choice, true or false, short answer and essay style questions with instant results available to both learner and management.

E-learning on-line is:

  • Consistent & Standardised: – standardised content is consistently disseminated to all users on a global e-learning platform
  • Convenient & Accessible: – users complete training at their own convenience; wherever and whenever it suits, including across different time zones. Modules can be accessed, paused and reviewed as often as required
  • Cost effective & Resource efficient: – streamlining of resources, logistical requirements and administrative functions
  • Versatile: – in addition to video clips on the e-learning platform, VHS, DVD, or the organizational intranet can be utilized for training
  • Tailor made: – training is designed and developed with the target audience in mind. Training modules can be pitched at different levels depending on the target audience  

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